Welcome to Cairox Bulgaria

About the company

Cairox Bulgaria Ltd., bolstered by our unique combination of people, power, knowledge, expertise and technology, is part of a group that consistently delivers high-quality HVAC solutions.

Our history

In 1994 the foundations were laid in The Netherlands and Belgium for the present combination of countries, cultures, people, talents, strengths, creativity, knowledge, expertise and technology, joined together as commercially operating companies targeting the HVAC-market under the name Air Trade Centre International.

Our home market is Europe. The Eastern European countries are currently our main growth markets. We are not hesitant to also establish sites on other continents.

Through autonomous growth the group has developed well. In the year 2007 Air Trade Centre has operating companies in 10 countries and a number of strategic partnerships. All Air Trade Centre employees (>250) make further professionalism and competitive edge their daily business.

From May 2008 to 2020, we were a part of SIG Plc, a London Stock Exchange listed company.

As of February 2020, we is a part of France Air Group, a company specialising in the design and distribution of air handling systems for tertiary and idustrial sectors, individual and collective housing and hospital hygiene.

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